Language level check

A language level check provides you with objective information so that you can make the correct decisions. The testing and report gives a good picture of the language skills of an applicant or employee.

Professional approach

We determine what is necessary together with you. We like to include the function that someone fulfils. In which specific language situations is it necessary that an employee has language skills and which skills are required? If you do not know this exactly, we will be pleased to help you with this. We have practical information about many different functions.

Four skills

You can opt for a test of one or more skills: reading, listening, writing and/or speaking. Speaking is tested in discussion with a language trainer and lasts half an hour. For the other skills we make use of online tests that last approximately three hours in total. The candidate can determine for himself at which location and time the tests are taken.

Why customers opt for a language level check?

  • to obtain objective information about the knowledge and skills of an applicant
  • to obtain a clear picture of the language skills of the employees
  • to attain an estimate of a suitable training for the employees

European Reference Framework (ERK)

In order to determine the correct level Eurolangues makes use of the specifications
that are drawn up by the Council of Europe. See the summary from the A1 to the C2 level

Business language training

Eurolangues has provided customized language training since its inception in 1989. See customized group training, individual training and family training.

'English is an important working language for us, but we had insufficient insight into the language skills of our employees. We obtained a clear picture with the Eurolangues language level check. The results also gave an insight into the required skills per function. We could then focus on optimizing the skills.'
Customer in the financial sector

'Employees become motivated to learn the language if they understand what they actually need for their function.'
Joke, language trainer at Eurolangues

Taalniveau Check


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