Online learning

How do you learn a foreign language in an enjoyable manner? Internet and e-learning undoubtedly play an important role in this. They have become indispensable for Eurolangues as an integral component of our trainings.

Customized and blended learning

Each assignment is unique and demands a different approach. So with each training we make considered appraisal between online and offline resources. We compile a mixture that leads to the desired results and that is enjoyable for students. We call it blended learning with which we have discovered that online teaching materials liven up the training. Students become enthusiastic and motivated.

Online entry test

With the language level check we make use of online entry tests to obtain objective information about the listening, reading and writing skills.


The language methods that are deployed at Eurolangues with the trainings include a lot of online material. Listening exercises for example, but also learning new words and grammar is much easier and more enjoyable via Internet. There are answers available online with which students can check their own exercises. Furthermore our language trainers also make use of everything that is available online and opt for varied methods of working with lively teaching material.

Films, TED Talks and Internet

Anyone who wants to quickly learn a language makes use of their own interests. Choose a fascinating film on BBC, for instance. The well-known TED Talks also offer plenty of possibilities. There are more than 1800 and they last approximately 10 minutes; perfect for home assignments. Students choose a topic that they like and learning English suddenly becomes effortless. Foreign newspapers and magazines on Internet have much to offer for students who want to learn something about a favourite topic in half an hour. '

Use of online platforms

The direct contact between language trainers and students plays a central role at Eurolangues. In certain situations customers are very satisfied about the use of online platforms (Teams, Zoom).

  • If a training is not yet completed and an employee goes to work abroad. The remaining lessons can then be followed via an online platform.
  • If an intake discussion cannot take place live, even though it is very urgent.

Business language training

Eurolangues has provided customized language training since its inception in 1989. See customized group training, individual training and family training.

'Our account manager works one week in the Netherlands and the next week in France. However, it is important that he quickly makes continuous progress in French. Eurolangues plays a practical role in this. He follows lessons in the Netherlands at the office and in France via Skype. He asks the trainer questions about the teaching material, practices his pronunciation and discusses what he comes up against on the French work floor. In this way he learns a lot in a short time. This works perfectly!'
A customer in the food sector.

'On-line material inspires students to work on assignments at home. You enjoy switching on your tablet during your leisure time.'
Anja, Eurolangues language trainer

Online Learning


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