Customized group training

With an in-company language training Eurolangues matches the content to the requirements and the language skills level of a small group of employees. We align the training with the function, tasks, learning styles and interests. Each training is carefully put together so that an optimal learning situation arises for the different participants. We pay attention to language levels and learning needs.

Professional approach

We discuss the business preconditions in an exploratory interview. Following that one of our language trainers enters into discussion with the students. Matters that are discussed:

  • structure and size of the training, evaluation times
  • choice for an intensive training during a limited period or a staggered training
  • intake with the students
  • determine the final level in the desired language
  • determine the skills: reading, listening, writing and/or speaking Also read quality assurance

European Reference Framework (ERK)

In order to determine the correct level we make use of the specifications
that are drawn up by the Council of Europe. See the summary from the A1 to the C2 level

Content of the training? Always in consultation!

  • using the telephone, e-mail traffic
  • participation in meetings/congresses
  • mastering professional language
  • learning to read manuals
  • negotiating, giving presentations
  • being able to carry out a relaxed (sales) talk
  • performing well during a quality audit
  • working in an international project
  • being able to act independently when stationed abroad

Practical matters

Customized trainings are given at the location of the customer to a maximum of 8 participants. With 30 hours of lessons students progress one level further than the level at which they entered. With an intensive training the lessons are given in a shorter period. If you opt for a staggered training then lessons are given for 2 to 3 hours a week during a period of 10 to 15 weeks. Dates and times are always aligned to the diary of the students. We provide customized trainings in Friesian, NT2, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Thai, Burmese and Chinese. Other languages on request.

Language material and methods of working

  • technical jargon from the company and the sector
  • Internet, audio visual resources that match the interest
  • modern teaching methods, newspapers and magazines
  • case studies, discussions, various exercises
  • necessary knowledge about the country/people/culture Also read online learning

Individual customized language training and more

Is the situation of one of your employees very specific? Read individual training
Is one of your employees going abroad with his family? Read family training
Do you want information about the language level of an applicant or employee?
Read language level check

'Four sales employees started selling our products via local distributors in French speaking Africa. This was difficult with their limited command of languages. A group training from Eurolangues was the solution. They first refreshed their basic knowledge. After that their learning was targeted: making price agreements, negotiating, marketing companies, dealing with e-mail traffic and using the telephone. They manage excellently and sales are going well.'
Customer in the foodstuffs sector

'Students become enthusiastic through the focus on practical situations and they also learn from each other.'
Nienke, language trainer at Eurolangues


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