General terms & conditions

We think it is important to do business in a pleasant and professional manner. We also consider that this includes general terms & conditions and codes of conduct.

Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO)
Eurolangues applies the general terms and conditions and codes of conduct of the NRTO.

Specific conditions

The following NRTO general terms & conditions- Consumers for Private Training and Education and the general terms & conditions for practical trainings are applicable for participation in the trainings mentioned below:

  • Commercial training French, German, English, Spanish
  • French, German, English for telephonists/receptionists
  • French, German, English for secretaries
  • French, German, English for tourism

For the contents of these trainings see practical trainings

Customer satisfaction

We are pleased to invest in our business relations and give a great deal of attention to the quality of our services. However, it can happen that you are not satisfied. Let us know this. We will gladly look for a suitable solution. If this is not acceptable, then you can direct your complaint to the Arbitration Board for Private Education. Read the complaints procedure

Also read quality assurance


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