Frequently asked questions

1. What is the purpose of an intake interview?

The intake leads to a practice-oriented training that delivers results and is enjoyable to follow. This is why we ask all kinds of questions. In which language situation do students find themselves? Which skills are important? Which interests do course members have? We organise what you need!

2. How long does a language training last?

That depends on the starting level and the desired final level. You progress one level further than you started in an average of 30 lessons.

3. How much homework do I get and how enjoyable is it to do?

Two hours of lessons each week means approximately two hours homework. Look for the open times in your diary. Quarter of an hour a day is easily found. Learn a few words on one occasion, watch a film on another. Look for variation, then homework changes into ‘being enjoyably busy’.

4. Help, what is my level within the European Reference Framework?

If you do not know what you must enter on the intake form, then leave this question unanswered. This will come later. The language trainer will resolve this together with you.

5. I have no natural linguistic talent, how do you deal with this?

We make learning ‘fun‘ so that it becomes much easier to:

  • match your own interests
  • respond to your personal learning style
  • use teaching material that you can immediately apply
  • invite you to leap in at the language deep-end and to DO it!

6. Do I have to follow my language training at Eurolangues in Leeuwarden?

No, we deliver customization. That is why we determine the training location in consultation with the customer.
In-company for instance, at another location or at the Eurolangues offices.

7. I have a full diary, how can I fit the lessons into it?

There are many possibilities. The training can be intensively followed in a short period or spread across a longer period. We arrange the lessons on the days and times in the week that suit you.

8. Who will give the language training?

We look for the most suitable language trainer for each assignment. Eurolangues considers the desired language level, the sphere of interest and the field of study.

9. Do I receive a certificate or not?

Every student who has followed at least 80% of the lessons, receives a personal certificate from Eurolangues.


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