Family training

Eurolangues has a great deal of experience with training families that are sent abroad. Parents often opt for a customized individual training or a customized group training. For children between the ages of 4 to 18 we provide the family training that is completely in line with the level, the need and the social environment of the child, the adolescent or young adult.

What do children need?

A relocation abroad is a major change. It is therefore very useful if a child has basic language skills for use in daily life prior to departure. The future school may also often specify certain requirements. Eurolangues prepares children for this so that they can pass their entry test. A pleasant incidental circumstance is that children as a rule learn a language far faster and easier than adults.

Professional language training

A family training is also customization. That is why there is a very meticulous intake procedure. Does it just concern speaking and listening or also reading and writing? That will depend on the need and the age of the child. We also determine the extent of the training, the location and the length of the lessons. One of our language trainers will hold an interview with the parents and the child to examine which language material and which methods of working are most suitable. Among other things we ask about hobbies, sports and favourite colours. We respond to this so that the training is instructive and enjoyable to do. Also read quality assurance

Practical implementation

The Eurolangues language trainer provides the training at home or at school. Date and time are determined in consultation. Depending on the age the lessons last a maximum of 1½ hour and lessons are given one or more times each week.

Playfully learning

Children learn faster if they are having fun. That is why a language trainer chooses, for example, to go to the zoo or bake a cake with the children. In the meantime they learn to communicate in English or a new local language. When selecting the teaching material and the exercises we take account of the span of attention of the children and their agility. Can they sit still or would they prefer to do something? We also make use of apps, songs, films on YouTube and other attractive teaching material.

Business language training

Eurolangues has provided customized language training since its inception in 1989. You have also come to the right address for a language level check to determine the language skills of applicants or employees.

'If an entire family moves abroad or a family comes to live here in the Netherlands, then, as an employer, you want them to be well prepared. Eurolangues plays a special role in this when it concerns language. It is nice to hear the stories about the language training to the children. They play memory, play happily outside, make fun with each other and in the meantime they repeat what the trainer says. After a few lessons you can already talk with them in the new language.'
A customer in the agricultural sector.

'The children had a lot of fun with the song - I am happy that I have a scooter - We have also immediately practiced with clothing and colours.'
Annelize, language trainer at Eurolangues

Family Training


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