Stap budget, Individual German language course (online)

Who is it for?
From 1 March 2022, workers and job seekers can apply for an annual STAP budget of up to €1,000 for training and development. You can use this grant to take a training course or follow a study programme. STAP is a government grant to promote opportunities in the labour market. You can use the STAP budget for a training course or study programme. The government aims to enable you to decide on your career development path as a worker or jobseeker. That will increase your chances of keeping your job or finding a new one.
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Content of the training

We put the training course together in consultation with you. It is all about increasing your profession-specific skills, such as:
• making phone calls, handling e-mail
• taking part in meetings/conferences
• mastering professional jargon
• holding work meetings with German-speaking colleagues
• learning to read manuals
• negotiating, holding presentations
• holding relaxed sales and other talks
• performing well in a quality audit
• joining in with a project

Practical matters: The one to one course consists of 12 one-hour online lessons and is given by an experienced language trainer. Dates and times are determined in consultation.
We hold an intake with you before the training starts to get an idea of your level and learning goals.

Level: We offer the course from level B1.

Homework: Three hours a week

Price: € 995 (including the intake and teaching materials)

How do you apply for the STAP budget for the individual German (online) language course?
1. Enrol using the enrolment form below.
2. We will send you a STAP enrolment certificate
3. Go to the UWV STAP portal homepage:
4. Log in with your DigiD and fill in the digital application form.
5. Upload the digital enrolment certificate you received from Eurolangues.
6. Select the relevant course. The UWV will approve or turn down your application within a few weeks. Once you receive approval, contact Eurolangues (, stating 'STAP granted' so that we can finalise your enrolment for the language course of your choice.
7. You will start the course within three months of the end of the period in which you applied for the STAP grant.

Your STAP application is not finalised until the UWV has granted the STAP budget. What if the UWV turns down your grant application? This could be because the budget for the period has been used up, in which case your enrolment is automatically cancelled. In that case, you can simply try again in the next period.

Time periods for applying for the STAP budget
3 July 2023 - 3 September 2023
4 September 2023 - 31 October 2023
1 November 2023 - 31 December 2023

Questions? Call +31 (0)58-2881314 or send an e-mail to

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